This bay offers a selection of three dives from novice to experience. For novice divers or your second dive of the day we recommend the 12 meter dive which is abundant in marine life and also offers swim throughs, hard and soft corals as well as caves and tunnels for the experienced diver.

The 18 meter dive offers 2000 year old amphoras and the chance to encounter Groupers, Moray eels, Jacks, Ray’s, and Octopus. This dive can also be done as a multilevel dive and combined with the 12 metre dive.

The 30 metre dive is for the experienced diver, and as you make your way down the drop off, you will come to a reef where you will see a 2000 year old anchor and also amphora. As you work your way around the reef you will come across a family of Groupers that will stay there until you get  within a few metres, when they will disappear into there home. This area is also frequented by Rays.



On this dive you will be dropped to the right of the wall and the best way to dive this is to keep your depth at around 18 meters, where you will see the wall covered in hard and soft coral. The bottom depth of this dive is 45 meters off the wall. Therefore, buoyancy control is essential. Here you will also get the chance to see an abundant amount of marine life, sometimes we get the occasional Tuna, large Groupers and Jacks. Towards the end of the wall the depth rises to around 12 meters where you will find an open cave that rises above the surface, this is where the boat will be waiting to collect you.


Kadirga rock is a well known favorite in Turkey as on this dive there are some interesting archaeological finds.

The rock rises from the water and the boat will anchor up here to let you kit up and be in the same place at the end of the dive. Your guide will take you down to around 15 meters where you will see hundreds of amphora. Although nearly all of them are smashed, you can still see the odd one intact. You will then make your way round the rock to a place were you will see a very large Grouper that is nearly always there. Please refrain from taking these amphoras as it is against the law. On Kadirga Rock you can see a wide variety of marine life and you can also find anchors around the rock that date back thousands of years.


Chimney cave is a wonderful dive. At this dive site where the boat moors up to the reef, the stunning back drop of the mountains really hits you, not to mention the stunning underwater topography. The dive here is a multilevel dive that takes you around a wall and as you keep your depth at around 18 meters you make your way round the reef. After 20 minutes, turn round on a reciprocal bearing and swim up to 15 meters where you will come across a gully. At the top of the gully is a cave, that on entry, you can look up and see a hole in the roof. This exit hole is quite large so you can pass through it safely. On exiting the cave you are now at 7 to 8 meters where you can take it nice and easy along the top of the reef and take in the beauty that the Aegean sea has to offer.

NIGHT DIVES are also available.

A 30 meter maximum depth limit is put on all dives!

Group packages are available on request. Our package deals can be tailored to suit anything from large clubs to small groups and individual divers diving over a couple of days.

Your day will include:

  • Transfers to and from your accommodation
  • lunch
  • Dive guide
  • 2 dives
  • Unlimited snorkeling
  • We also rent cameras (ask dive shop for prices)
  • Insurance

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